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Relieving Dental Anxiety in Anderson

Sedation Dentistry

You Belong Here. You Belong With Us.

Dr. Preston Poole and our team do everything to make you feel comfortable, but sometimes that’s just not enough, and that’s OK. What matters most to us is how you’re feeling, how you’re coping with stress. We don’t want you to associate what we do with a stressful or uncomfortable environment. 

This page on our site is dedicated to everyone who thinks they’ll never be able to see the dentist again out of fear. We dedicate this space to everyone who experiences intense anxiety even at the thought of being in the dental chair. This is for you, because we’re here for you.

There Are Options. You Have a Choice. 

Nitrous Oxide Sedation – Total relaxation and complete, immediate recovery are possible. Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) is safely and widely used in dentistry because it causes  a slightly euphoric feeling. Nitrous Oxide is one of dentistry’s most sought after sedation methods because it:

  • Takes effect immediately with ease
  • Can be reversed quickly
  • Causes no interruption to your day

Oral Conscious Sedation – Dental anxiety doesn’t stand a chance. We can prescribe a single or multiple dose of anti-anxiety medication that you’ll take before you come to see us. This level of sedation does require a driver, because you’ll have to take the medication before you arrive. You’ll need to arrange for a ride home too. If you need help, please ask. 

Everyone deserves a healthy smile.

Don’t let dental fear and anxiety control your life. Dr. Poole and our team have helped people just like you overcome to move past avoiding the dentist.

We don’t see people as a number. You’re a person with feelings, and to us your family. Talk to us about sedation dentistry. You have nothing to lose but your fear.

Preston Poole DMD

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