Preventive Services

If you’re unsure what preventive dentistry is, think of it kind of like car maintenance. Seeing Dr. Preston Poole and team for preventive care is like seeing your mechanic to check out your car.

Our preventive services are designed to help keep not only your mouth healthy, but the rest of you healthy, too. The truth is if your teeth and gums aren’t healthy, you’ll notice and feel the effects elsewhere in your body. We put a lot of emphasis on preventing gum disease or cavities before they start because we care about you and your family like our own.

Your mouth is a mirror

It might seem strange, but think of your mouth as a mirror for your overall health. This is all part of the mouth-body connection. The correlation is also why we can’t stress enough that you see us every six months for a comprehensive exam, ultrasonic cleaning, and any necessary gum treatment. More and more studies are finding that:

  • There’s a link between gum disease and inflammation, immune disorders, cancers, and heart disease.

  • Teeth that are worn, missing, or broken can cause TMJ issues, migraines, and depression.

  • Decayed or infected teeth can lead to abscesses, sepsis, and meningitis.

  • Oral cancer spreads through the body if left undetected and should be monitored because of its few, early symptoms.

Ultrasonic Cleanings

Plaque is one of the biggest causes of periodontal or gum disease, so you’ll want to make sure you remove it every day with proper brushing and flossing. Although you do your very best to brush, sometimes there are areas of the mouth you just can’t seem to reach. This is where our state-of-the-art ultrasonic Cavitron cleanings are a real smile saver. 

Ultrasonic scalers take hygiene and teeth cleaning to the next level. They use sound waves to safely and effectively remove tartar and plaque buildup from your gums, both above and below the gum line. With regular cleanings, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your smile is healthy and your breath is fresh. Are you due for a cleaning or curious about an ultrasonic cleaning for your smile? Schedule a visit with us to learn more.

Gum Treatment

Your gums are often overlooked and underappreciated, but they play a vital role in your oral health, and there’s new research showing how they’re connected to disease and your overall health. That means you need to make sure your gums are free from bacterial infections that can threaten the supporting tissues to your teeth.

Gum or periodontal disease can spread from your gums to the bone that supports your teeth, which can then lead to loose teeth or complete loss of your teeth. Dr. Poole and our team take gum treatment seriously, providing comprehensive periodontal care for patients of all ages. Deep cleanings or gum infection therapy can help combat gum disease, effectively removing plaque and tartar that lead to inflammation and issues. Rest assured, Dr. Poole and your hygienist have a keen eye for gum disease and will always be on the lookout for any early warning signs. The sooner we catch it, the better.

Comprehensive Oral Exams

A comprehensive oral exam from Dr. Poole is a step-by-step process where we assess everything about your smile — from your teeth to your bite. Every exam with us plays a critical role in maintaining your smile health. When you come to see us as a new patient, your first exam will be more than just a glimpse at your teeth and a quick chat. We’re different. We take the time to get to know every patient, because we want you to feel as familiar as family and at home. 

Sit down and talk with us about what you want for your smile. Aside from the comprehensive exam, we’ll review your dental history and talk about what’s going on inside your mouth. Our digital x-rays and intraoral cameras allow Dr. Poole to clearly evaluate the current condition of your oral health and provide his recommendations for treatment.

Taking care of your smile

Our preventive services will take care of your smile and your body. With regular checkups with the team you know and trust, your smile will stay naturally healthy long enough to last for life.

If you or your family needs a checkup, talk to us today. We’re happy to schedule an appointment with Dr. Poole so he can get to know you and take a look at your teeth.

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Here at our private general and cosmetic dental practice, Dr. Preston Poole provides exams and cleanings, professional teeth whitening, crowns, dental implants, bridges, veneers and more. Our patients throughout the Upstate trust Dr. Poole and our team to keep their smiles healthy and looking beautiful.
(864) 226-5058
303 E Highland Ave. Ste 105
Anderson, SC 29621
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