Pain Control

Millions of Americans avoid the dentist every single year.

Can you guess why? Pain. They’re afraid they’re going to feel it or experience it during their dental visit. Did you ever put off an appointment or hold off on treatment because you were nervous about it being painful? It’s a real, valid concern and you have every right to be concerned. 

Dentistry doesn’t have to be that way. There have been numerous major technological developments in dentistry over the years. So, it’s time to forget about those long, menacing needles and loud, scary drills.

Dr. Preston Poole uses an innovative, advanced approach to pain-controlled injections. We offer modern dentistry at its finest, truly benefitting you, your smile, and your comfort.

Introducing the Three-Step No Pain Injection

In just three quick and easy steps, Dr. Poole can administer your injection for no pain and discomfort for you. 

Step #1: He’ll apply a compounded topical solution, which is more effective than a typical anesthetic, to numb the area even more. This numbing is faster than usual anesthetics and removes the feeling of the injection being administered.

Step #2: He also relies on an anesthetic that’s applied warm, close to your body temp. Your body responds quicker to this warmed anesthetic, allowing you to avoid that painful “pinching” feeling of the injection.

Step #3: Dr. Poole uses a state-of-the-art instrument called DentalVibe that vibrates your gums rapidly to prepare for the injection, then the micro vibrations after the injection sooth the area and remove the discomfort that an injection would normally bring.

No more pain

If you’re worried about pain during a dental treatment, or if you need a shot, talk to Dr. Poole. He can show you how this unique, proven method of pain control is changing the way so many of our patients feel about seeing the dentist. We hear from them all the time that they didn’t feel a thing. They also wonder where this technology has been all these years. Some patients have said their injections with Dr. Poole are better than any shot they’ve ever had.

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(864) 226-5058
303 E Highland Ave. Ste 105
Anderson, SC 29621
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