Cosmetic Dentistry

Whether you’re headed to a special event in Anderson, or you’re ready to take your smile to the next level, cosmetic dentistry is your path to a smile that shines.

Dr. Poole and our team can show you what kind of a difference cosmetic dentistry has made in other people’s lives. More importantly, we can help you start to see what your new reality will be.

Why Choose Us?

If you know us or have been checking out our site, then it should come as no surprise that we do everything possible to treat people like family. This means YOU. We want to sit with you and listen to your dental concerns. What don’t you like about your smile? What would you like to change or enhance? There’s nothing to be nervous or embarrassed about with us. We want to change how you feel about cosmetic dentistry.

  • Dr. Poole has the training and experience to be your helpful guide on a cosmetic journey ending with a brilliant, healthy smile.

  • Every person on our team treats you like family and will do everything they can to make you comfortable during treatment.

  • Our cosmetic procedures can transform more than your smile. They’ve been known to change lives.

Dental Crowns

Despite at home care and proper brushing/flossing, there may be instances where a tooth requires additional restoration to return it to a healthy, supportive state. We have treatments and solutions like dental crowns that can be used to complete amazing restorations. There are times in life when both children and adults might need a crown to make their smile healthy again. Dr. Poole offers stainless steel crowns for children and metal-free, porcelain crowns for adults. These crowns are hand-crafted in our dental lab located in Northern Georgia. 

Crowns are one of dentistry’s most used tools to help restore function to your smile and stop decay from spreading. Crowns are also used to:

  • Strengthen a weak or cracked tooth

  • Rebuild worn or broken teeth

  • Rebalance your bite after years of damage

  • Top off a dental implant


Dental bonding is a more affordable, conservative way to fix your smile imperfections with cosmetic dentistry. Sometimes Dr. Poole will recommend a bonding procedure to fix and enhance your teeth, without the commitment of having porcelain veneers or crowns.

Bonding is similar to veneers and crowns in that it’s a cosmetic dentistry option so many patients of all ages can benefit from. It’s absolutely ideal for:

  • Smoothing away chips and cracks in your teeth

  • Brightening teeth that won’t respond to whitening

  • Erasing irregularities or gaps in your smile

  • Lengthening teeth that appear too short

  • Enlarging teeth that are too small

It’s important to choose a dentist like Dr. Poole with an artful eye and extensive experience. Since this type of cosmetic dentistry procedure doesn’t require the lab, we can fix your smile issues in as little as one comfortable, relaxing office visit. Dr. Poole will find the perfect shade of bonding before applying it and giving your teeth a polish to finish off your treatment. You end up with nothing less than sheer smile perfection.

Why your smile matters

Make this the time you finally took the steps towards having the straight, bright smile you’ve always dreamed of. The reality is, every time you smile it:

  • Reduces your stress

  • Boosts other people’s mood

  • Lowers your blood pressure

  • Releases endorphins

Take some time to take care of your teeth so your smile will last a lifetime. Talk to Dr. Poole and our team about how cosmetic dentistry has helped so many people in our dental family feel more confident and healthy.

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Here at our private general and cosmetic dental practice, Dr. Preston Poole provides exams and cleanings, professional teeth whitening, crowns, dental implants, bridges, veneers and more. Our patients throughout the Upstate trust Dr. Poole and our team to keep their smiles healthy and looking beautiful.
(864) 226-5058
303 E Highland Ave. Ste 105
Anderson, SC 29621
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