Team Mission Trip To Guatemala

Dr. Poole, Karlie and Kimberly spent a week in July volunteering their time on a dental mission trip in the city of Chimeltenango, Guatemala. Together with the rest of the volunteers, they were able to see at least 750 patients, extract over 3,085 teeth and the amount of free dentistry provided to the people of Chimaltenango was at least $1,992,450.

Dr. Poole, Karlie and Kimberly Share Their Experiences

During July 2023, I traveled with my two assistants: Kim Aguilar and Karlie Rodgers down to Guatemala for a dental mission trip. This was my second trip to help out the wonderful people of Guatemala. We flew into Guatemala City and joined the dental team which consisted of over 30 other doctors. Our team ventured to the small city of Chimeltenago to set up their dental clinic. Over the course of 3.5 days, the team was able to see and treat 700 people! That included over 3,000 tooth extractions and tens of thousands of dental care to the impoverished community. It’s always very uplifting to help and treat so many people. Outside of the dental clinic, I love to connect to the community and culture of Guatemala. I was able to eat many delightful meals alongside the Guatemalan people. On our last day, we got to take ATVs to explore the countryside and mountains of Antigua. We can't wait to go back and help out the beautiful country and people of Guatemala! It’s one of the most beautiful and friendly countries I’ve ever visited! -Dr. Poole

Our mission trip to Guatemala was filled with learning, fulfillment, excitement, and fun. The goal of the trip was not only to expand our own knowledge of dentistry, but more importantly,  to use our expertise to help the wonderful people of Guatemala. Unfortunately, dental care is not easily available for people in this country so we had an abundance of patients who came in to receive the free care. It was so rewarding to meet and help so many people; our clinic helped over 700 people over the course of the 3 days the clinic was open! Monday through Wednesday we worked hard to deliver the dental care that these amazing people needed. Everyone was so grateful and some even brought homemade gifts for us. I would love the opportunity to go back to this beautiful country. -Karlie

My experience in Guatemala was incredible! From helping the nice people of Guatemala to enjoying the great scenery and amazing food.  We spent a week in Guatemala, but I definitely could have stayed longer. From the moment we got to Guatemala everyone was very welcoming and grateful that we were there to help. Due to poverty in Guatemala dentistry is not accessible to everyone and it was great to see how thankful everyone was. The clinic was fortunate enough to help over 700 people! It’s really great to be part of a team that helps everyone! -Kimberly

Our Team Helping in the Clinic

More Pictures with Their Wonderful Patients

Exploring Beautiful Guatemala

Exploring the Mountains

A Trip of a Lifetime!

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