Team Implant Course in Alabama

To continue our dental implant training as an office, Dr. Poole and our two assistants Kim and Karlie attended a training course in Alabama, at the Alabama Implant Education Course. Dr Poole has been attending this education course since the Fall of 2020, but this was the first time the rest of our clinical team was able to travel and spend days training there. Kim and Karlie were so excited to experience the course and continue their own implant education along with Dr. Poole. They were each eager to blog about their own individual experiences. 

Kim: I really enjoyed my experience at the implant course in Alabama. The procedure we got to assist Dr. Poole with was a sinus lift. I was really grateful for the opportunity to learn and see a procedure I had never seen before. My favorite part of the whole experience was seeing all of the residents reactions when they found out Dr. Poole was doing a sinus lift. They were all so amazed. I really appreciate being part of a team that allows me to expand my knowledge in dentistry.

Karlie: My experience at The Foundry Dental Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama was absolutely incredible. I was able to observe and assist in procedures that I never considered possible. There were so many dentists, dental residents, and dental assistants working at this clinic so I was able to learn so much from everyone. The case Dr. Poole, Kim, and I did was called a “Sinus Lift” which is exactly what it sounds like (crazy, right?). It was a little nerve-racking to work while having an audience but I think we all did a great job. As his assistant, I already knew Dr. Poole could do amazing work but to witness him teaching these complicated surgeries/procedures to the dental residents made me so proud to be able to say “yeah, that’s my dentist”.

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