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Behind the Scenes of our Patient Stories

Before & Afters

Real patient stories

Whitening Patient

Our patient had been told in the past that he needed tens of thousands of dollar’s worth of work to correct his stained teeth and that bleaching would not work for him. With the help of the Kor whitening system we were able to bleach his teeth and restore his confidence in his smile without costly veneers. Now he has the smile he never had all thanks to a simple whitening treatment.

Premier Dentures

Our patient had failing lower bridges and a lower partial that no longer fit. Together with our local lab we were able to extract his remaining teeth and give him his old smile back. Utilizing the latest techniques we matched his upper denture perfectly while also restoring his chewing abilities and his confidence. Dr. Poole performed the patient’s surgery and delivered his denture all in-house for added convenience and efficiency.

Fix Your Floating Lower Denture with Dental Implants

This patient couldn’t stand his lower denture and they kept falling out while he was trying to talk or eat. With the help of 21st century technology and dental implants we were able to recreate the look and feel of his old natural teeth. His new lower denture is locked into place with two implants that snap into the denture allowing him to talk and eat with confidence. At our office we were able to do his denture and implant surgery without referring this patient to multiple specialists.

Smile Makeovers

Smile of her dreams

Our patient did not move forward with her smile makeover at her previous dentist. We were able to consult with her and identify what she was looking for in her new smile and communicate that directly to our local dental lab to deliver customized porcelain crowns to her. After just two appointments she has the smile of her dreams!

Sometimes small changes can make the biggest differences

Unfortunately, our patient had a terrible accident to her face when she was younger that caused her teeth to shift and to change different colors. After a consult, we were able to present a conservative treatment of doing crowns on her four front teeth.

With the help of the master dental technicians at our local lab, we were able to deliver a life changing result. Sometimes small changes can make the biggest differences.

A Smile to Match Your Personality

Sadly, this patient arrived at my office and thought his only option was a denture. He was very self conscious of his smile and would cover his mouth when talking to people. With the help of our advanced smile designers at weblink Pittman Dental Lab we were able to fabricate 8 new crowns for our patient that changed his smile and life. Finally, he has the smile to match his bright and outgoing personality.

We pride ourselves in meeting our patient goals

We put our patients first, always

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