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In loving memory of Carl Poole (1925-2015), WWII 101st Airborne Division, Battle of the Bulge, Siege of Bastogne Dr. Preston Poole is gifting an Upstate veteran a free smile makeover worth over 10k. 

Our team is passionate about giving back to our Anderson community and veterans make up a large part of that community. They are men and women that have dedicated their lives to giving us the freedoms we enjoy each day; so we are overjoyed to be able to provide one lucky veteran that lives here in the Upstate a free smile makeover worth over 10k. Please fill out the form to enter yourself or a veteran you love in our giveaway by February 28th.

We will announce our lucky winner on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

Dr. Poole’s love of steriods usa all things balloons started in elementary school when he purchased a Balloon Making book from the scholastic fair! A balloon animal is the perfect way to help children overcome their fear of the dentist. Dr. Poole specializes in dogs and swords, but has been known to make the occasional flower. Any child who wants a balloon animal at Dr. Preston Poole’s will have their very own one made at the end of their appointment.

Over this past year, Dr. Poole has spent countless hours continuing his dental training in dental implants in Alabama at the Alabama Implant Education Course. Dr. Poole devotes over 100 hours each year to continue his dental training to offer the best care and service to his patients in Anderson. Over 9 days, Dr. Poole was able to place over 20 implants. Starting Fall of 2020 Dr. Poole is going to continue his implant training in Alabama learning advanced bone grafting and implant techniques. Dr. Poole strives to be the best dental clinician he can be.

Wow!!! What a phenomenal response to our 1st Annual Clemson vs Carolina Ticket Giveaway. We somehow managed to go VIRAL and had over 8,500 entries. We wish we could send everyone tickets, but ultimately had to pick two entries. We selected Ben Kuiper and Emma Williams! Congratulations to both of them. Stay tuned for our next giveaway and you know we will be doing another huge giveaway for Clemson vs Carolina next year.

Tennis, a game Dr. Poole loves and grew up competing in shares many similarities to dentistry. While different arenas there are many parallels between the sport of tennis and dentistry. Each require intense focus, long hours of practice and optimal outcomes are decided by millimeters. Dr. Poole firmly believes that his time on the courts greatly impacted his dental career in a positive manner. 

Dentistry and tennis are both decided by millimeters. An unpleasing smile makeover or a missed shot in tennis are decided by the smallest of margins. Dr. Poole grew up playing and competing in tennis tournaments at a high level. His love for tennis started at a young age and eventually transitioned into a love and passion for dentistry. Hand eye coordination is a hallmark for excellent dentistry and tennis. Dr. Poole developed fine motor skills through many years and long hours on the courts. Without good hand eye coordination, no dentistry is possible. Being able to focus on the next point or next dental procedure is a must in both tennis and dentistry. Malcom Gladwell said it takes 10,000 hours of learning to become a master in any area. Dr. Poole learned that to be the best tennis player he could be, he would have to train for hours and hours. Dentistry is no different. Dr. Poole spends countless hours taking educational classes across the country to become the best dentist he can possibly be. With this focus and dedication to learning, Dr. Poole strives to be the absolute dentist he can be.

Dr. Poole firmly believes that his love and passion for tennis has made him a better all-around dentist. He will see you at the office or out on the courts in Anderson!

Dr. Poole is an avid tennis player at Cardinal Racquet Club in Anderson, grew up playing in Greenwood and played collegiate tennis at The Citadel. His favorite tennis player is Roger Federer.

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