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In May, I attended a www.driemanen.nl Smile Makeover  Continuing Education class at the Nash Institute in Charlotte, NC  with my two dental assistants, Kim and Karlie. Dr. Ross Nash lectured to us over 2 days about Smile Makeover techniques to achieve perfect outcomes. We even had some fun with hands on veneer preparations. I learned a lot about “No Prep” veneers that will allow me to deliver more esthetic and conservative dentistry. At our office, we are always striving to learn as much as possible to deliver the best and most ideal outcomes for all of our patients. — Dr. Poole

I really enjoyed my experience at the smile aesthetic course in Charlotte. We got to see multiple before and after photos and watch videos on different procedures. My favorite part of the course was being able to do some hands-on learning. It was great to get to see the process of a crown and a filling from Dr. Poole’s point of view. I’m always very grateful for the opportunity to learn more and get to attend these courses. Not only did I enjoy the course, I also enjoyed the great food and time we got to spend together outside of the class. It’s so great to be a part of a team where we can enjoy time together in and outside of the office. — Kim

Our weekend trip to Charlotte to attend a smile aesthetic class was so much fun. My favorite type of appointment at the office is any type of smile design procedure so being able to focus only on that for a whole weekend was very enjoyable. For both days of class, we watched procedure videos, saw a lot of before and after pictures, and were even able to do some hands-on learning. Not only did we go to the course, but we got to stay at an awesome hotel and eat amazing food! Dr. Poole treated us to a super yummy Tex-Mex restaurant he had been to before and afterwards, we went to Jeni’s Ice Cream, which if you haven’t been to before, you should definitely try it (there is one in downtown Greenville). They make their waffle cones homemade daily and trust me when I say, they are unbeatable. All in all, the trip was a blast and I always love having outings with my team. — Karlie

Pain-Free With DentalVibe

At our office, we always love to have the latest and greatest technology to make our patient’s experience as great and pain-free as possible. One of the best pieces of pain-free technology we have is the DentalVibe. It’s a revolutionary device that allows me to give nearly painless dental injections. Patients often remark that it’s the absolute best and least painful “Dental Shot” they’ve ever had. The Dental Vibe works by “tricking: your brain and blocking pain signals from the brain with the help of vibrational technology. Research has shown that when vibration and injection sensations are occurring simultaneously, the vibration feeling reaches the brain first and essentially blocks the feeling of the injection from being perceived by the brain. We are so happy to offer this amazing technology to our patients.

In loving memory of Carl Poole (1925-2015), WWII 101st Airborne Division, Battle of the Bulge, Siege of Bastogne Dr. Preston Poole is gifting an Upstate veteran a free smile makeover worth over 10k. 

Our team is passionate about giving back to our Anderson community and veterans make up a large part of that community. They are men and women that have dedicated their lives to giving us the freedoms we enjoy each day; so we are overjoyed to be able to provide one lucky veteran that lives here in the Upstate a free smile makeover worth over 10k. Please fill out the form to enter yourself or a veteran you love in our giveaway by August 5th.

We will announce our lucky winner on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

Hi! If you have visited our office, you likely have seen me helping out at the front desk.   As the smallest (and furriest) of Dr. Poole’s office staff, I occupy the distinguished position of an office therapy dog. Weighing in at  exactly 7 pounds, I am a miniature Red Shih Tzu.  My AKC registered name is Princess Penelope Grufflesmith, but everyone just calls me Penny.  My favorite treats are mini milk bones, and my favorite pastime is cuddling.

My typical day in the shop consists of enthusiastically greeting incoming patients, basking on Mandy’s lap in front of the floor heater, and begging for gummy worm pieces.  Providing  a calming presence for patients is my specialty, and you often will find me keeping a patient company while waiting in the reception area, or even sitting on a patient’s lap in the treatment room. If you need a furry friend to help make your dental visit stellar and more relaxed, please ask for me!

We’re back in action!!! We were so happy the Clemson VS Carolina game was back this year and we got to do our 3rd Annual Clemson Ticket Giveaway! We had a phenomenal response and had over 2,000 entries. We gave away two winning packages that included: 2 lower deck tickets, a $100 in spending cash for swag and snacks, face masks and sanitizer! Our winners were Amber Amaker and Shane Whited. Amber was rooting for USC where she attends and Shane was rooting for Clemson, since he has been a lifelong fan. Congratulations to both of them! We were so happy they were able to bring someone with them and they all got to enjoy the game. Stay tuned for our next Big Giveaway and for our annual Clemson vs Carolina next year!

In the Spring of 2021 we embarked on an exterior renovation and beautification of our entire building and parking lot! It was quite the undertaking, but we are all so happy with the result and wanted to share it with you. 

Our complex was originally built in 1991 and in the meantime our parking lot had become quite damaged, the grounds overgrown and our building’s exterior was stuck in the past. Dr. Poole decided the exterior needed to match our team’s energy, mission statement and our balance of professionalism mixed with fun. 

With a great team working to get this project done we were able to give the building a whole new feel! We painted the brick white, added some fun pops of black & copper accents, haint blue porches, outside lighting and the “pièce de résistance”, a produce garden that the whole team tends to and has quickly become our patients favorite feature. 

As soon as we finished the project; we celebrated! Our vision had been realized! We hope you agree. We hope that the moment you drive up, you feel: at home, and at an office where Southern hospitality meets expertise & modernity.

We are excited to announce the addition of our very own garden! Dr. Poole’s Produce Garden became fully operational in the Fall of 2021 with an assortment of delicious vegetables. Dr. Poole grew up on a small farm in Ninety Six and has always enjoyed gardening. We are very happy to share the garden with our dental family. The Fall garden produced many delights including carrots, cabbage, broccoli and lettuce. There were a few misses too with our onions and brussel sprouts. But I guess you can’t win em all!

This Spring 2022 garden should be a real treat. We expect to grow strawberries, peppers, tomatoes, squash, beans and even watermelons. There are also a variety of flowers planted in the garden like beautiful lilies and peonies. We expect the garden to start producing this June.

Please follow our social media on facebook and instagram for the latest updates! We love when our patients stop in to pick up some produce for their own home cooking.

We love teachers!! We can’t express how thankful we are as a team for all of the men and women that dedicate their lives to educating and caring for the children in our local community. In order to give back, our office is happy to hold an annual teacher gift card giveaway! Every year before the school year resumes we select 3 winners to receive $100.00 gift cards for office supplies for the classroom. Last year we had so many entries we ended up picking 6 winners! We hope to see your entries next year and look forward to next year’s Annual Back to School Giveaway! 

To continue our dental implant training as an office, Dr. Poole and our two assistants Kim and Karlie attended a training course in Alabama, at the Alabama Implant Education Course. Dr Poole has been attending this education course since the Fall of 2020, but this was the first time the rest of our clinical team was able to travel and spend days training there. Kim and Karlie were so excited to experience the course and continue their own implant education along with Dr. Poole. They were each eager to blog about their own individual experiences. 

Kim: I really enjoyed my experience at the implant course in Alabama. The procedure we got to assist Dr. Poole with was a sinus lift. I was really grateful for the opportunity to learn and see a procedure I had never seen before. My favorite part of the whole experience was seeing all of the residents reactions when they found out Dr. Poole was doing a sinus lift. They were all so amazed. I really appreciate being part of a team that allows me to expand my knowledge in dentistry.

Karlie: My experience at The Foundry Dental buy clen Clinic in Birmingham, Alamaba was absolutely incredible. I was able to observe and assist in procedures that I never considered possible. There were so many dentists, dental residents, and dental assistants working at this clinic so I was able to learn so much from everyone. The case Dr. Poole, Kim, and I did was called a “Sinus Lift” which is exactly what it sounds like (crazy, right?). It was a little nerve-racking to work while having an audience but I think we all did a great job. As his assistant, I already knew Dr. Poole could do amazing work but to witness him teaching these complicated surgeries/procedures to the dental residents made me so proud to be able to say “yeah, that’s my dentist”.

Welcome to the Islands!!! Dr. Poole and his wife have always loved the island life and tiki bars! What better way to celebrate than a fun and festive Friday that brings the islands to Anderson. We would like to introduce Aloha Friday’s to our patients. We work one Friday a month and like to add a little Hawaiian spice to it.

Its a fun day filled with leis, hawaiian shirts, tropical cookies and hawaiian music! We even get a visit from our very own tiki dog Penny!!! If you are looking for a dentist on muscle building steroids uk a Friday or just a fun island to crash on, please come see us on Aloha Friday at Preston Poole, DMD!

We had a letros great response to our 2nd Annual Clemson Ticket Giveaway! Even though this year has been challenging we wanted to make sure to still have some fun. So since there was not a  Clemson VS Carolina game, we gave away 2 lower deck tickets to the Clemson VS Miami game and included $100 in spending cash for swag and snacks and two Clemson face masks with hand sanitizer! We had to choose one winner and that ended up being Austin Garrett! Him and his buddy got to enjoy Clemson beating Miami. Stay tuned for our next Big Giveaway and for our annual Clemson vs Carolina next year!

Dr. Poole spent a week in October volunteering his time on a dental mission trip in the city of Chimeltenango, Guatemala. Together with his partner, they were able to extract over 250 teeth and their team was able to donate over $400,000 of dental care. He loved taking euro anavar in all of the sights, sounds and culture Guatemala had to offer. Dr. Poole said the people were his favorite part as they were all so nice and grateful for the mission trip’s time. Mission trips and community service are central to our office’s core values.

Dr. Poole visited Pittman Dental Lab in Gainesville, GA last month to meet their team and discuss an upcoming dental implant case. Pittman Dental Lab is a state of the art lab that offers comprehensive dental materials such as crowns, dentures, partials and implant crowns. Dr. Poole works alongside the most experienced dental technicians, Chris Carpenter and Hank Gilleland, to deliver the best care to our patients. Chris and Hank have a combined 55+ years of experience. When Dr. Poole was looking for a dental lab he knew he wanted a domestic, high tech lab with consistently great products. Dr. Poole searched for over 6 months using lab after lab until he found Pittman. With their vision and pursuit of perfection, Dr. Poole knows you will get a quality domestic dental product every time. 

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Does going to the dentist give you anxiety? If you answered pharmacom steroid yes, then know you are not alone and we are happy to announce we have a dental family member that is ready to help! Dr. Poole’s very own pup Scarlett has been trained here in Anderson as a therapy dog and is ready to comfort you during your next appointment. Please just ask our team to request her for your next appointment and our furry resident therapy pup will be happy to help you! 

We are so happy to announce a follow up for our 2020 Veteran Grand Prize Smile Giveaway Winner and how we were able to gift him the smile of his dreams! Dr. Poole was able to give Fred an implant denture, giving him the ability to chew his favorite foods and smile again with confidence. The office was happy to give back to the Anderson community and to veterans who served our great country. We are all so grateful to be Fred’s dental family!

A special thanks to the following companies: Biohorizons, Pittman Dental Lab and Patterson Dental for their contributions that allowed us to make Fred’s dream smile come true! 

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